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Bostick & Sullivan - Supliers of Alternative process photography suplies.

Freestyle Photo -Good prices on film and paper. Also a good source of Holgas.

Edwards Engieered Products Makers of uv exposure units for platinum palladium printing. Buy one or make your own, they can help either way. Other darkroom products as well.



Nancy Reid Carr Nancy is a photographer based out of the Providence road Island area. She does a wide variety of work including equine photography as well as some very cool fine art.

Dan Burkholder : Dan is allways at the forefront of digital photography. Anyone who is interested in making digital negatives for contact printing must get his book.



Photo-Eye: This is the site for the book store in Santa Fe. Definetly one of the best photography sites on the internet. I have spent way too much time on this site.



Newspace A great place in Portland Oregon dedicated to Photography. Features a gallery, rental studio, rental darkroom as well as workshops.

Kurt Mottweiler Kurt is the creator of some of the coolest cameras. Don't take my word for it, check out his site.

M.I.L.K.: Inspired by the 1950s landmark photographic exhibition, 'The Family of Man', M.I.L.K. began as an epic global search to develop a collection of extraordinary and geographically diverse images portraying humanity’s Moments of Intimacy, Laughter and Kinship (M.I.L.K.). This 'epic search', took the form of a photographic competition. With a world-record prize pool, and renowned Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt as Chief Judge, the M.I.L.K. Competition was conceived to attract the work of leading photographers from as many of the world’s countries as possible. The winning photographs were first published as three books titled Family, Friendship and Love in early 2001, and are now featured in a range of products worldwide in nine languages in more than 20countries.The M.I.L.K. Collection also forms the basis of an international traveling exhibition.









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